Vasilis is a multi-percussionist based in London, U.K. 

He specializes in Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan percussion and has studied extensively the drum set, jazz, music from Brazil and South India.
Vasilis has been working as a professional musician since 1998 and had the opportunity to perform live and in TV/radio shows as well as record with a number of major recording singers and instrumentalists.
In 2003 he resided to London where he continues to work as a percussionist and educator.
His academic studies include a BA in Jazz and a MMus in Ethnomusicology from SOAS (completion pending) as well as the PGCE in music.

Upcoming Gigs/ Konserler

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08/09/2017- UK

Campfire Club Fridays

London 7:30-11pm

Secret Location (Bow)

Address will be sent out once your ticket has been bought.

Tickets £10 online

09/09/2017- UK

06/10/2017- UK

15/12/2017- UK


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