Nefesh (Poland)

Nefesh is a project created by Raphael Roginski in Poland. It is an experimental project which gives us the opportunity explore music of anatolia and Eastern Europe... for now.


Musicians involved in this project so far are:

Cigdem Aslan, Raphael Roginski, Paweł Szpura, Tahir Palali, Peter Ole Jorgensen, Hector Cosmas and Marios Papadeas.


Çiğdem Aslan + Tahir Palalı

Click to Listen to 'Lullaby'

Click to listen to 'Haktır Sevdiğimiz'

Another experimental project which involves guest musicians from time to time. Main concept revolves around anatolian and alevi songs. So far, the repertoire consists of Turkish, Kusdish and Safardic songs.


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Upcoming Gigs/ Konserler

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12/11/2017- London

Reberiko Carnival Big band Fundraiser  

Theatro Technis 18:15

26 Crowndale Road


I will be singing some classical rebetiko tunes with an ensemble of bouzoukia, baglamades, guitars, accordion, violins, and percussion. Expect an evening of heart pumping, finger clicking, foot stamping, tear jerking, soul singing music.


Doors open at 5:45


For more info and tickets click here!



08/12/2017- London
Two Breaths & Three Strings

Deep rooted songs of love and mysticism from 14th-20th century Alevi poets of Anatolia performed by Tahir Palali and Cigdem Aslan.


more info coming soon. 


15/12/2017- London

SOAS Concert Series- 

with She'koyokh

Brunei Gallery 

Thornhaugh Street

Russell Square



2018 dates so far for Mortissa and Cranes

08/03 - Germany

12/06- Rennes (FR)


More info on these gigs nearer the date.