Dear Friends,
Hope the new year has started great for you and continues to be so.
I was very happy to greet the new year with fellow musicians and great friends in a small town in Scotland.
I'd like to thank everybody who came to my album launch back in November in London. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did on stage. Very soon there will be videos and photos from that concert and more.Apart from my band members and team who made this concert a success, I'd also like to thank to the guest musicians from Greece; Vasilis Lemonias, Vasilis Korakakis, Philippos Retsios and Matoula Zamani for their friendship and amazing contributions. We all gained great memories...
The album has been getting great reviews around the globe since it's release in October 2016.
Here are couple of review and interview links.
Rhythm Passport Interview- UK
RootsWorld- Greg Harness on A Tousand Cranes- USA Richard Marcus - DE
Babelmed- Nadia Khouri-Dagher - FR
Shepherd Express - David Luhrssen
It's scored 80% and is on 57th place on The Guardian's Highest Rated Albums of 2016 out of 467 albums!!


Music has been a wonderful and natural medium for me to both learn and share stories, emotions, sounds....I am grateful that along my journey I've always had great moments and companions who strengthen me professionally and personally. I wish the same for everybody who endeavours to express themselves via music but cannot quite find their own way and struggle. The quicker they find themselves the more meaningful and longer their own journey would be...
I am very happy to inform you that a track from my new album A Thousand Cranes was included on Songlines Magazine's Top of the World compilation album in the December. And Songlines has nominated me in the 'Best Artist' category for the Songlines Music Awards - 2017. Launched in 2009, the Songlines Music Awards celebrate and acknowledge the myriad of musical talent across the world that has been featured in Songlines magazine.
You can vote by following the link HERE

"All Songlines readers & public voters will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win one of three pairs of tickets to WOMAD Charlton Park 2017 (July 27-30). Ten runners-up will also receive a copy of the Songlines Music Awards 2016 compilation album.

Don't delay - have your say and be part of the Songlines Music Awards now. 

The deadline for voting is midnight (GMT) on January 31, 2017."


The first concert of the new year will be on 1st February in Paris at the beautiful Alhambra. You can find more details about this concert here

Hope to see some of you there. 


Finally I'd like to invite those who use social media to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages if you are not already following and spread the word so I can connect with more people.


Here are the links


I'd like to finish by a quote from Greg Harness' review on the new album.


I was also struck by “Tourna,” the title track. Tourna is the Turkish word for crane, and this traditional song combines a Greek melody with a Turkish poem from the 17th Century. The lyrics are again about separation and about having to leave your home. On top of that is layered the idea of A Thousand Cranes which come from the Japanese story where the making of a thousand origami cranes causes one's wishes to come true. I added to that my own experience with cranes which comes primarily from seeing the exotic sandhill cranes in the ever-threatened natural ecosystems near Yellowstone National Park. These concepts from very different times and places all swirled and combined and merged in my head and my heart as I listened. And together these various images of soaring cranes reminded me of the power within to reinvent myself regardless of circumstance.


I have been captured by these sounds, these surroundings, these stories. May you allow Çiğdem Aslan to take you somewhere new, whether to stories of the past, or through the intense feelings of the present, or on a journey with A Thousand Cranes into the future." 


Once again thank you all very much for your continuous support and love.

Best Wishes



 "An impressive return"  **** 

                                          Robin Denselow on 'A Thousand Cranes', The Guardian, 2016 


"Aslan's voice is supple and powerful, never straining and without affectation. The interplay of the musicians behind her is, at times, breathtaking. Nobody's showing off but everyone shines."

                                                Jamie Renton on 'A Thousand Cranes', fRoots Magazine, 2016


"Mesmerising sequel to her fabulous debut."  fRoots, 2016


"Cigdem Aslan is not only a great presence on London's music scene but across she sounds so much more confident and assured."*****

                                                            Simon Broughton, Evening Standard, 2016


"Absolutely stunning is so infectious"

Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 6, 2014


"Aslan’s voice is rich, earthy and penetrating, as sweet as a watermelon and as strong as a demitasse of coffee at mid afternoon." 

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, 2014


"...Aslan's unaccompanied vocal introduction is so perfect it's bewitching; beautiful, mysterious, vibrant, haunting, evocative—her voice is all these and more..." 

Chris M. Slawecki, All About Jazz, 2014


"It’s haunting, plaintive, rivetingly emotional stuff..."

Delarue, New York Music Daily, 2013


"Aslan possesses the smokiness that marks a true Rembetiko singer: You can get lost in the sound of her voice. One of the 5-must-hear albums of the year" 

Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR, 2013


"On stage Aslan is a fresh, natural and relaxed performer with a beautiful voice. Her facility to slip from Greek to Turkish and several other languages is a real asset."
Simon Broughton, Songlines Magazine, 2010



Upcoming Gigs/ Konserler

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17th March- 8 pm 

She'koyokh Album Launch

@ Kings Place

90 York Way

London N1 9AG


She'koyokh proudly presents their 4th album 

‘First Dance on Second Avenue’ 


Musicians hailing from the UK, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey perform virtuosic, toe-tapping klezmer, Gypsy music, soulful songs and the best Balkan dance tunes. Releasing their fourth studio album, First Dance on Second Avenue, they take you on a journey sampling polyphonic singing from Bulgaria, a Serbian song about a pigeon on the raspberries, a steamy quarrel between mother-in-laws in a Turkish sauna, a duet between a father and daughter about who she’s going to marry – in the end she chooses the drunken one! – and a love song for a Gypsy girl with penetrating green eyes.

Expect to go home feeling nourished, elated, and saying ‘Nice one!’.


For tickets click here.



28th April- Waiblingen (D) @Kulturhaus Schwanen 


'A Thousand Cranes' on tour


For tickets click here



29th April - Fornach (A)

@ Musik beim Wirt


'A Thousand Cranes' on tour






For all She'koyokh gigs visit here

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