"Çigdem Aslan leads the vocal line like a Turkish trobairitz. What a voice!

From deep Billie Holiday notes to great emotional crescendos containing all the heartbreak of the world, you cannot take your eyes or ears off of her." 
                                                                                   Letham Nights Review, 8th March 2019


'Çiğdem Aslan, la chanteuse qui transgresse les genres et les frontières'   Arte TV 

"An impressive return"  **** 

                                         Robin Denselow on 'A Thousand Cranes', The Guardian, 2016 


"Aslan's voice is supple and powerful, never straining and without affectation. The interplay of the musicians behind her is, at times, breathtaking. Nobody's showing off but everyone shines."

                                                Jamie Renton on 'A Thousand Cranes', fRoots Magazine, 2016


"Mesmerising sequel to her fabulous debut."  fRoots, 2016


"Cigdem Aslan is not only a great presence on London's music scene but across she sounds so much more confident and assured."*****

                                                            Simon Broughton, Evening Standard, 2016


"Absolutely stunning is so infectious"

Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 6, 2014


"Aslan’s voice is rich, earthy and penetrating, as sweet as a watermelon and as strong as a demitasse of coffee at mid afternoon." 

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, 2014

“...Her warm, friendly, open personality permeates the music she makes as well as the way she interacts with the world...”   fRoots


"...Aslan's unaccompanied vocal introduction is so perfect it's bewitching; beautiful, mysterious, vibrant, haunting, evocative—her voice is all these and more..." 

Chris M. Slawecki, All About Jazz, 2014


"...she is both a lioness and nightingale"  Evening Standard, 2013

"It’s haunting, plaintive, rivetingly emotional stuff..."

Delarue, New York Music Daily, 2013


"Aslan possesses the smokiness that marks a true Rembetiko singer: You can get lost in the sound of her voice. One of the 5-must-hear albums of the year" 

Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR, 2013


"On stage Aslan is a fresh, natural and relaxed performer with a beautiful voice. Her facility to slip from Greek to Turkish and several other languages is a real asset."
Simon Broughton, Songlines Magazine, 2010



Upcoming Gigs/ Konserler/Συναυλίες

Please click on the dates for details.

Detaylar için lütfen tarihleri tıklayın.




3rd October - Budapest, HU

Ritmo Showcase 2019 


17th Oct - Cambridge, UK

Cigdem Aslan sings Rebetiko

more info soon 


24th Oct- Münster, DE

Theaters im Pumpenhaus

Çiğdem Aslan Quartet

More info soon 

25th Oct- Mulheim, DE
Theater an Der Ruhr, 8PM

Çiğdem Aslan Quartet

More Info Soon


2nd Nov - London, UK

Union Chapel 12-2pm

Çiğdem and Tahir Palali performs  Alevi songs from Anatolia- mostly songs of love and mysticism from 14th-20th century. 


You can hear our live performance at BBC Radio 3, Music Planet Program here









11th April- Bilbao (SP)

Sacred Music Festival


8-9 May - Cigdem Aslan Tour- DE
Hamburg & Reutlingen

Elbphilarmonie & Franz K


17-19 May - Lake District

on tour with She'koyokh


25th May- Madrid- (Sp)

She'koyokh, Fundación Juan March

16th June- Cambridge (UK) 


23rd June - Rabat (MA)

Mawazine Festival


25th July- Krems, Austria (AT)

Glatt&Verkehrt Festival


27th July - Fishguard Fest. Wales


4th Aug- Sidmouth (UK)

Sidmouth Folk Fest. with Tahir Palali