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As some of you may already know, my second album 'A Thousand Cranes' was nominated for the Songlines Music Awards 2017 earlier this year. It is my pleasure to announce that it has been shortlisted to be one of the four nominees in the 'Europe' category!!
"...the Songlines Music Awards celebrate and acknowledge the myriad of musical talent across the world that has been featured in Songlines magazine. Votes came from Songlines readers, contributors and the general public..."
You can find the full list of nominees here and if you would like to listen their music you can do so by buying the compilation album here.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank once again everyone involved in the making of 'A Thousand Cranes' and to those who voted for us. The final results will be announced in May.
Another pleasant surprise for me was to find out that 'A Thousand Cranes' was amongst 'the best 40 albums of 2016 that Grammy Awards forgot about'. You can read the Huffington Post article by Daniel Rosenberg here.
Also this month there is 'Beyond the Beat' exhibition of world music photography curated by Andy Morgan, Simon Broughton and Dave Gamble. The exhibition will be on display on the Royal Albert Hall’s Amphi Corridor and can be viewed when attending a performance at the Hall until Saturday 22 April, or on the following free open days:

Saturday 1 April: 10am – 4pm

Sunday 2 April: 10am – 4pm

Sunday 16 April: 10am – 4pm

Friday 21 April: 10am – 4pm

Saturday 22 April: 10am – 1pm


A picture of me is also going to be displayed!!!



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Here are the links

 "An impressive return"  **** 

                                          Robin Denselow on 'A Thousand Cranes', The Guardian, 2016 


"Aslan's voice is supple and powerful, never straining and without affectation. The interplay of the musicians behind her is, at times, breathtaking. Nobody's showing off but everyone shines."

                                                Jamie Renton on 'A Thousand Cranes', fRoots Magazine, 2016


"Mesmerising sequel to her fabulous debut."  fRoots, 2016


"Cigdem Aslan is not only a great presence on London's music scene but across she sounds so much more confident and assured."*****

                                                            Simon Broughton, Evening Standard, 2016


"Absolutely stunning is so infectious"

Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 6, 2014


"Aslan’s voice is rich, earthy and penetrating, as sweet as a watermelon and as strong as a demitasse of coffee at mid afternoon." 

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, 2014


"...Aslan's unaccompanied vocal introduction is so perfect it's bewitching; beautiful, mysterious, vibrant, haunting, evocative—her voice is all these and more..." 

Chris M. Slawecki, All About Jazz, 2014


"It’s haunting, plaintive, rivetingly emotional stuff..."

Delarue, New York Music Daily, 2013


"Aslan possesses the smokiness that marks a true Rembetiko singer: You can get lost in the sound of her voice. One of the 5-must-hear albums of the year" 

Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR, 2013


"On stage Aslan is a fresh, natural and relaxed performer with a beautiful voice. Her facility to slip from Greek to Turkish and several other languages is a real asset."
Simon Broughton, Songlines Magazine, 2010



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28th April- Waiblingen (D) @Kulturhaus Schwanen 


'A Thousand Cranes' on tour


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29th April - Fornach (A)

@ Musik beim Wirt


'A Thousand Cranes' on tour